Little Sisters’ Angel Fund at work in Amukura, Kenya

St. Joseph’s Orphanage, Amukura, Kenya (known as Amukura Orphanage)

One of the main priorities of the Little Sisters’ Angel Fund is to financially support the St. Joseph’s Orphanage, in Amukura Kenya. This orphanage houses 28 children, who were abandoned and left to die by families who could not care for them. The majority of the children are under age 5. 

The orphanage is operated by 2 nuns, both part of the Little Sister’s of Saint Francis of Assisi. They are doing their best to care for the children and give them a loving place to call home, and educate them so that they can be a part of the change in society as they grow. However, they are desperate for our financial help. The Sisters are seeking help to enable them to provide basic needs, education, shelter and health care for these little angels. 

Through the financial support of our Sponsors and other donors we have been able to improve the living conditions of the children at the orphanage greatly.  But we still have a long way to go. 


  • ​Continue to provide financial support for food, education and proper healthcare for all of the children.
  • Repair broken windows on building to keep mosquitoes and cold out.
  • Purchase of a good breed cow to improve the milk production to sustain the many babies who need milk.
  • Repair indoor plumbing so toilets can be used.
  • Build a new orphanage building to house 50 children.
  • Hire additional employees to care for the children and create jobs in the local area
  • Purchase a form of reliable transportation for the Sisters.


  • Replaced broken stove and repaired smoke damage to kitchen, resulting in safer working/living conditions.
  • Purchased commercial washer and dryer for more efficient laundering of clothes.  Sisters no longer have to pay to have someone else do the washing.
  • Damaged and leaking ceiling repaired.
  • Initiated a rabbit breeding/selling project.  The orphanage can now sell rabbits for profit and eat the meat, providing a good source of protein for the children.
  • Purchased a wheelchair for Ruth, a child with spina bifida, so she can transport herself to school and around the compound, giving her independence and confidence.
  • Hired 1 full-time caregiver, allowing for more supervision for the children, and providing much needed income for a local woman.
  • Created a successful sponsorship program which provides funds for proper nutrition, healthcare and education.  The children’s quality of living is greatly improved.
  • ​​​​Provided corrective eye surgery and glasses for Moses, for a lazy eye.  His vision is much improved.

Before Little Sisters’ Angel Fund Got Involved:

Improvements Made Possible By Our Generous Donors:

New Kitchen Stove and Repairs

Christine Thanks Donors for Many Improvements

Orphans Thank Sponsors and Friends