Posted on June 24, 2016

Emily Adhiambo

Birth date: 7/14/2011
Age at admission: 2 months
Gender: Female
Resides: St. Joseph’s Orphanage, Amukura, Kenya

At the age of 2 months, Emily was discovered locked in an abandoned house. She was taken to the local leader, who referred her case to the police station. After a fruitless search for her mother or other relatives, her case was presented at the Children’s Court. The Court placed Emily with the St. Joseph’s Orphanage in Amukura, Kenya.

Likes: drawing, swinging and being called a good girl
Dislikes: discouragements

Emily  likes drawing and coloring. She is a smart girl.  She has improved her speech and can pass information well. Emily is a story teller and she like boys’ out door games.