Frequently Asked Questions about Sponsorship

Here are some FAQ’s about our child sponsorship program. If your question isn’t answered here, please contact us

Q: How do I correspond with my child?
A: You may correspond with your child via email at the following address: Please include the child’s name in the subject.
* All emails will be screened by a team member for appropriateness before being delivered to your child.

Q: What type of things should I write to my child about?
A: The children love to know about you, your family, your life, and anything else you can share. They love to see pictures of their sponsors too!

Q: Will my child email me back?
A: Please keep in mind that internet access is limited, and your child may not be able to respond to all emails.

Q: Can I send letters or other items to my child through the mail?
A: Unfortunately, the postal system in Kenya is highly corrupt. It is not advised to send letters or packages to the children for this reason.

Q: Can I ever send my child a toy or letter, or something personal?

A:  Yes!  Each fall we arrange for sponsors to send letters and a small gift to their child.

Q: What information will I receive about my child?
A: You will receive periodic updates about your child, as well as pictures, drawings, and letters from your child when they are available.

Q: Can I visit my child?
A: YES! A visit to meet your child is a wonderful way to grow your relationship! Contact us to discuss the details of a visit.

Q: What happens to my sponsorship dollars?
A: Your sponsorship dollars will be combined with those of other sponsors to meet the daily nutrition, shelter, health and education needs of all of the children in our sponsorship program.

Q: What happens if I want to cancel my sponsorship?
A: You are free to cancel your sponsorship at any time. You must contact us and cancel in writing.

Q: What happens if my child is no longer eligible for sponsorship?
A: Occasionally a child will be placed in foster care, or will be adopted. In this case, we will alert you as soon as possible and help you select another child.

Q: Is my sponsorship money tax deductible?
A: Yes, your sponsorship is tax deductible. You will receive a statement at the end of the year stating your total donation.

Q: I’ve  noticed the children all have specific birth dates but most seem to have been abandoned as babies.  How do you know when they were really born or how old they are?                                                                             

A: It is true that the majority of our children were abandoned as babies, and knowing their true birth dates is not possible.  Their ages have been estimated based on their development at the time they were rescued.  They are all given specific birth dates not only as a way to keep track of

Q:  How do the children get their names if they are abandoned as babies?   

A: The children are named by the Sisters.  You will notice some of the children have the same last name.  This does not mean they are related.  Sometimes names are chosen based on a special meaning.  For instance, in swahili, the word “bahati” means lucky.  Thus some of the children are given the last name of Bahati because they are lucky to be alive.