St. Josephine Bakhita Orphanage              

A letter from Jacyntha Shaw on securing funding for the well and new building construction: ​

I wish to update you on the progress in Nambale, Kenya – the site of the new St. Josephine Bakhita Orphanage.  ​The St. Teresa’s Christian Concerns committee, alongside the Little Sisters of St. Francis have reached the goal of starting construction of a new orphanage building, to replace the dilapidated building that was beyond repair.  In approximately one year, The Blessed Mother Mary has seen to her wishes by moving peoples’ hearts – Thank you for generous hearts! ​

The plans for a new orphanage building began in 2014, and by the summer of 2018 pieces were falling into place.  The building plans were changed several times, and by September 2018 the plans for a new orphanage building were approved.  As we were about to begin construction, the well on the property was deemed inadequate for the size of the building.  This was devastating news to all of us on the Board, as it meant more time, more money, and possibly the need for a new location.  Sr. Lucy Marindany, President of Little Sisters’ Angel Fund, and a member of Little Sisters of St. Francis, called a meeting to discuss what to do next.  We would not use the money donated for the construction of the building to fix the problem with the well.  We had to find another way.   At the same time, Sr. Josephine Nanyama, Regional Superior of the Bungoma Region of Kenya, where the orphanage will be build, was away in Germany on business.  Weeks went by with no solution to our problem.  Then a message from Kenya that a $30,000 water grant was attained!  ​

In early December 2018, I received a call that Sr. Josephine was in my hometown of Milwaukee, and I was able to meet her and ask many questions.  I learned that the well was inadequate because each dry season the well would dry up.  There were two other buildings on this property, both run by the Little Sisters of St. Francis.  The Sisters already had to beg for water during the dry season, or attempt to purchase it, but it was usually too expensive.  The Sisters had been trying to get a grant to dig a new well for the past 3 years, and finally their prayers were answered.  When I asked Sr. Josephine how she managed to get approval now, after trying for so long, her response was “Divine Intervention!”  By December 18, 2018 the new water system was complete: the well was dug and the holding tank with solar panels were installed

With the water system in place, the building construction has begun.  I am so excited to let you know that as of today, June 26 2019, the foundation is complete and the roof is almost done!  

A sincere thank you to St. Teresa’s Christian Concerns and the board members for all their fundraising efforts. 


New Building, New Name, New Start…  With the construction of a new building comes a new name.  The Amukura Orphanage will now be known as St. Josephine Bakhita Orphanage.  This new orphanage will house up to 50 children, and will provide them with a much better quality of life.  St. Josephine Bakhita Orphanage will have a dedicated health room, study lounge, guest rooms, laundry facility, and chapel, as well as features that we take for granted in our modern homes, such as indoor, functioning toilets, intact windows to keep out mosquitoes and cold, private well and rainwater collection system to ensure water is available for cooking, drinking and washing.  ​​

The construction and furnishing of the St. Josephine Bakhita Orphanage has been funded by our very generous donors.  This project is truly a testament to the power of prayer and God’s unending love for all.