Posted on June 24, 2016


Birth date: 7/21/2012
Age at admission: 1 year, 6 months
Gender: Male

At the age of 1 ½ Titus was abandoned near a water dam. He was rescued from drowning by a good Samaritan. Both the police and the Children’s Office unsuccessfully traced his parents. The Children’s Court recommended him to St. Joseph’s Orphanage, in Amukura, Kenya. After a physical examination it was discovered that Titus is incontinent. He cannot hold his urine, and is constantly wet. He will require surgery to correct the condition.

Likes: Drawing
Dislikes: Idleness

The Sisters report that Titus is very happy to be at school and can sing some of the songs they learn at school. At home he likes playing with the other children. He is wise, healthy and eats well. He is very curious. He sees and asks questions to know more. Titus doesn’t like terrifying scenes, he has a phobia of water.